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The Pays d'Angoulême Tourist Office carries out several missions to promote the reputation of the Pays d'Angoulême, visitors, but also the local population, in close collaboration with public-private partners and socio-professional actors.

Welcome and inform

  • physical reception, by telephone, by correspondence, virtually and on the move, of visitors, but also of the local population,
    informed advice to visitors and locals.
  • coordination for a quality reception on the territory with socio-professionals and partners (local authorities, associations, etc.),

Coordinating local tourism stakeholders

  • unifying role of actors around a destination identity,
  • strategic and operational support for professionals to improve their performance (digital animation of the territory, information days, rankings, etc.).

Manage and disseminate tourist information

  • collection, sorting and prioritization of tourist information,
  • in-depth knowledge of the territory's offer, database organization,
  • distribution in open data of tourist information data,
  • development of information dissemination tools (websites, mobile applications) to facilitate the stay at all stages.

Participate in the marketing of the tourist offer of the territories

  • design of tourist products in conjunction with local professionals (museum passes, stays for groups, guided tours),
  • development of sales areas to promote local production,
  • deployment of marketing tools with local partners and professionals in the area

promote the destination in France and abroad

  • presence at consumer and/or professional fairs, organization of workshops, press trips and educational tours,
  • publication of guides, brochures, by distributing newsletters, emailing, etc. to attract customers,
  • communication campaigns at different scales and different media depending on the territories,
  • animation of communities (especially on social networks),
  • Press relations.

Support project leaders and local partners

  • implementation of territorial tourism development plans,
  • training and support for professionals,
  • technical support and expertise, project management assistance.

Observe and analyze

  • statistical and economic observation,
  • carrying out studies, surveys and analyzes used to measure the weight of tourism, guide actions and inform project leaders.