Bienvenue aux camping-caristes

Welcome motorhomes

On the occasion of the summer holidays, many motorhome owners travel from the north to the south of France and even Europe, favoring the National Roads and stages where they can mix useful rest with pleasant discovery. . For these travelers, Angoulême and its region are an ideal stopover. On a perfectly equipped campsite […]

Week-end « bas carbone » à Angoulême, « capitale de la bd »

"Low carbon" weekend in Angoulême, "capital of comics"

Angoulême, recognized as a “creative city” by UNESCO, draws its notoriety from comic strips. For a dive into the heart of the “9th art”, what could be better than a getaway to the heart of the Charentes thanks to the train service? The TGV places Angoulême just 1h30 from Paris and only 35 minutes from Bordeaux! It is […]

Les murs peints

The painted walls

Frescoes in the colors of comic strips are displayed on the walls of the capital of the 9th art, but also works by various street art artists... A wandering decodes behind the scenes of their history and their techniques... The city of Angoulême has initiated an extensive program of comic strip murals. With more than one […]

Corto, Hergé & Lucien

Corto, Hergé & Lucien

In addition to the many painted walls, the world capital of comics has been enriched with statues: the famous Lucien, by Franck Margerin, has been on display since 2015 on the roof of Angoulême station. An obelisk 4,5 meters high and not far from 7 tons, a tribute to René Goscinny, sits since 2017 on […]

les Chais Magelis

the Magelis cellars

First brandy cellars in 1857, The 11 bodies of buildings whose gables form a sequenced facade, were transformed in 1910 into a felt factory for stationery. Today, “Les Chais Magelis”, located on the banks of the Charente, in the heart of the image district, have undergone careful rehabilitation. These old cellars, dating from the XNUMXth […]

Sortir de sa bulle…

Get out of your bubble...

Angoulême, capital of comic strips also has a historical heritage dating back to the 10th century…. Your Program The circuit of the painted walls – Quartier Gare 30:12 a.m. – 1 p.m. A 30hXNUMX visit to discover the main painted walls “side Gare”: The guitarist, the extraordinary garden, New-York sur Charente, the Parvis de la Gare and [ …]

Le rallye urbain

The urban rally

A fun way to discover the heart of Angoulême. By team of 3 to 5 people. scour the city to solve the puzzles. Your Program Visit of the Towers of the Hôtel de Ville 10 am – 30 pm Built on the site of the former castle of the counts of Angoulême, the town hall is one of Angoulême's flagship monuments. The dungeon, built […]

Passionnés d’aventures et de trésors cachés

Passionate about adventures and hidden treasures

Tèrra Aventura, THE life-size game that makes your children walk without them even realizing it and allows you to discover with them the nuggets of the territory! It is a treasure hunt that is practiced outdoors via a mobile application. The opportunity to make your children aware of nature, to discover the […]

L’Hôtel de Ville

City Hall

The town hall of Angoulême is a public building built from 1858 to 1869 in the heart of the upper town of Angoulême. Designed by the architect Paul Abadie in a fairly eclectic style largely inspired by medieval aesthetics and punctuated by a few references to the Renaissance or Classicism, it stands on the site of the former castle […]

La balade des Remparts

The Ramparts walk

The city was protected by ramparts from the Lower Roman Empire which were rebuilt and enlarged in the Middle Ages. The walk along the ramparts of Angoulême offers magnificent views of the surrounding landscapes and the valleys of the Charente and that of Anguienne. Perched on a plateau of about 80 meters, offering […]