Aller au marché de bon matin !

Go to the market early in the morning!

Summer tutorials in gourmet mode… When the whole family likes to treat themselves and taste local products, head to the superb Halles d'Angoulême. Step 1: Get up early, finally quite early, finally before noon (it's better)…Step 2: Take your wicker basket or the one that looks like […]

29e Festival Piano en Valois

29th Piano Festival in Valois

Created in 1994 in Angoulême, the Festival Piano en Valois quickly established itself as one of the biggest piano festivals in Europe. With a balanced and eclectic program, between prestigious artists and the launch of young performers, and an original creative policy combining many artistic expressions, it has become the unmissable […]

Chasse au trésor en famille !

Family treasure hunt!

Summer tutorials: Go on a treasure hunt with the children… Ziclou, Zilex, Zegraff and Zisséo are the four Poïz that await you in the Pays d'Angoulême! Instructions for having a good time with your family! > Stage 1: Coming to Angoulême and having children > Stage 2: Having […]

Les tutos de l’été – La bise à Corto !

Summer tutorials – La bise à Corto!

All summer we offer you nice little tutorials… to create your holiday memories!!! And we start with “Go short to kiss Corto Maltese” > Step 1: Come to Angoulême and head to the Comic Strip Museum > Step 2: Find the […]

le gâteau soleil de mémé jeanne

Grandma Jeanne's sun cake

The Roussille house was founded in 1863. The wine property is located in Libourdeau, in a village of Linars, located on a charming hillside, in the heart of the Charente. Marianne Roussille shares her sun cake recipe with us! Ingredients: – 250 g of flour – 15 cl of Virgin Sunflower oil signed Poitou Charente […]

Marianne Roussille, viticultrice

Marianne Roussille, winemaker

Founded in 1863, the Pineau Roussille house works with passion to offer you pineaux, cognacs, liqueurs and grape juice of exemplary quality. Marianne, shares with us her recipe for the “sun cake”… Marianne Roussille, you are sharing with us today the recipe for a cake, the “sun cake”, Why this choice? I could also have called it […]

La tarte aux courgettes

Zucchini pie

Sharing and conviviality, two values ​​that are dear to him, native of Libourne, established in Charente since 2002, Jacques Soulat created the Maison Soulat in 2010. He declines his activity around precious moments of exchange. For the dough:> 190g of T55 flour> 1 teaspoon of Provencal herbs> 4 tablespoons of olive oil> 4 […]

La vinaigrette charentaise

Charente vinaigrette

It's summer the season of salads, fresh and good for the health... Today, it is an idea of ​​a very Charente vinaigrette that we suggest you try, the Verjus vinaigrette. what is Verjuice? Most often, verjuice refers to green grape juice: either a grape picked before maturity (at […]

Frédéric murati, chef

Frederic murati, chef

Frédéric Murati has been chef at the Dyades restaurant at Domaine des Etangs in Massignac for about a year. This 1-year-old chef, from the Nantes region, has agreed to answer our questions and give us one of his recipes. How did the desire to cook come to you? Even more than the desire to […]

Les asperges blanches du pays

The country's white asparagus

and smoked trout from Bellet, Charente saffron, orange, dill! For 4 people: > 8 white asparagus> 2 large green asparagus> 200 gr of smoked trout from Bellet house> 2 oranges> 2 sprigs of dill> A few squid ink bread crisps (optional) For the vinaigrette orange and […]