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Terra Aventura, a treasure hunt which is practiced with your Smartphone.
“Caches” are hidden in the landscape. Your objective is simple… Find the cache and the treasure it contains while discovering the sites, monuments, landscapes and little stories of the region!

Players are guided from stage to stage by a series of riddles whose answers must be collected on the ground. Once the data has been entered, players just have to let themselves be guided to discover the location of the cache.

Game 100% Family and free: ZICLOU, ZILEX, ZEGRAFF and ZISSÉO are the four Poiz who await you in the Pays d'Angoulême!

Zegraff fait son Comic Trip !
More bitumen than blue flower, ZEGRAFF is the worthy representative of street art. At night in scred', he puts on his mask and his Krylon bomb to bring the faded walls of the city of character back to life. Distance: 3km / Duration 1h to 1h30.


La petite reine des z’écluses
Might as well tell you straight away ZICLOU did not come here to “applaud the caravan”. Cycling racing is his “radius”! So try to stay on his wheel and have the titanium sock, because this Poïz never deflates. In good weather, at the water's edge, you risk getting your swimsuit wet... Get on your bikes, 15km / more than 3h.

Museum des cavernes
Poïz of the caves, ZILEX don't neglect her look! Lou-ibex on the feet and poncho of woolly rhinoceros hair, ZILEX is at the top of the food chain! Armed with a doctorate in prehistory-Geo, she explores the theory of evolution and the laws of natural selection. Go meet her, she has a corner! Distance of 6km / Duration: more than 2 hours.

Fondez pour Ruelle !
Waking up to battle, heaps of molluscs! With ZISSEO, you'll have to shake your tentacle if you don't want to end up in “Petit Corayo” style surimi. The bar hits? It is he who gives them and pushes them to the side, he sends them to brick the bridge with a big kick to the number. Distance: 4.5km / Duration: 2h to 3h.

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