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Discover the Cognac destination with its Cognac houses, its centuries of history, its river, its events. Enjoy with family, lovers, group.

Destination Cognac, distiller of experiences, flavors and sensations!

Each season is a new opportunity to discover the secrets of making this eau-de-vie. Then enter the intimate world of trading houses and wine growers. Know-how, high standards, passion and patience are their key words!

Indeed, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan, the cognac will surprise you with the multiplicity of its consumption methods. Pineau des Charentes, for its part, will offer you a palette of unique aromas whether red, white or rosé!

In the collective imagination, the evocation of Cognac inevitably refers to the famous eau-de-vie. It is true that the city owes its universal reputation to Cognac. However, it cannot be the only key to reading the city. Birthplace of François 1st, Cognac is rich in history and heritage that goes well beyond the scope of spirits.

Furthermore, their buildings populated with fantastic characters and imaginary animals invite you to discover their history and their secrets dating back ten centuries! Walks through the vineyards, along the Charente river, between woods and rivers... a multitude of options to experience!

You will surely find happiness !

And let it be said, this destination is also a land of festivals: music, literature, Cognac festival, dance, street arts you are bound to find an event that meets your expectations….

Here, no endless and boring visits but original and offbeat concepts for the whole family, unique and authentic encounters and experiences.

Destination Cognac, a territory to discover without moderation!

Cognac, a name known all over the world, a prestigious brandy but beyond that a destination that will offer you many experiences...Coming to Destination Cognac:
It is to discover the trading houses and winegrowers who passionately explain to you the art of making cognac. It is also moments of conviviality in the cocktail bars or the rooftops to discover cognac via a tasting or a workshop. 
It is to discover the Charente via river trips, canoe trips or walks along the “ Flow Vélo
It is to enjoy, with family or friends, many festivals : classical and contemporary music, street theatre, theatre, literature, and dance… There is something for everyone!


48 boulevard Denfert Rochereau 16100 Cognac, France
Phone: + 33 (0) 5 45 82 10 71