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The Pays d'Angoulême tourist office welcomes tourists as well as journalists!

Throughout the year, Angoulême teems with news: festivals of course, but also many other subjects including the BD is one of the stars.
Temporary exhibitions: in 2023 Naruto, Titeuf then Marvel in 2024 etc. but also the painted walls (a new one in 2023) and so many other topics related to image and creativity rewarded by UNESCO.

Angoulême also seduces thanks to its Cathedral treasury, a unique work by Jean Michel Othoniel which is unanimously acclaimed by all visitors. Its museums (paper, Gallery, BD) are not to be outdone, as are its heritage and that of many postcard-like villages.

Finally, the effervescence of restaurants nestled in the alleys and the activity of markets go hand in hand with cognac, a product of excellence resulting from a combination of know-how to be discovered on the territory.

In short, 1h40 from Paris and 35 minutes from Bordeaux, Angoulême seduces many journalists every year:

> Le Monde

> The 100 places you must see: see the replay (until end Nov 23)

> Ushuaia TV – Move green (back to school 2023)

And also C8, Figaro mag, Sunday independent, cyclotourisme mag, the herald travel, ZDF, pélerin magazine

Most of the receptions offered by the Angoulême tourist office are organized in cooperation with Charentes tourism, Flow bike, explore cognac, the regional tourism committee of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and local actors.

Contact us:

David GUILBOT – Director

+33 (0)5 45 90 11 50

Christine OLMER – Press department

+33 (0)5 45 90 11 55