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At the confluence of the waters of the Vienne and the Goire, at the cultural confluence between the Oc and the Oïl, at the ethnic confluences, discover the Confolentais and more broadly the Charente Limousine.

Confolens, the medieval town

From its medieval period, Confolens has preserved many buildings that should be discovered on foot: the Keep, the beautiful half-timbered houses in the Pinaguet, Portes d'Ansac and Soleil streets... is not complete if you do not cross the two medieval bridges: the Pont Vieux which spans the Vienne to discover the Fontorse district from which a beautiful fountain springs and the Pont du Goire which leads to a former tanners' district.

Cassinomagus: The Archaeological Park

The most monumental Gallo-Roman thermal baths in France! On the borders of Charente and Haute-Vienne, the site presents remarkable Gallo-Roman remains in a landscaped setting of 25 hectares, you will discover in particular the best preserved and most monumental thermal baths in France.

Maria Casarès and the Vergne estate

This property now belongs to the municipality of Alloue, which inherited it from the actress for " thank France for having been a land of asylum ". A cultural meeting center dedicated to theatre, this place welcomes theater companies in rehearsal all year round as well as authors in residence. Every summer, a 4-week festival takes place here, combining theatre, heritage and local gastronomy.