Distance: 8.5 km
Duration (average) : 02h
Elevation: 143 D +
Departure: Picnic area
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The banks of the Charente will be available to you at the start and return of this route which will prove to be very hilly and open. Along the way, the very beautiful fountain of Tonne will invite you to a pleasant refreshing break.

Your itinerary


Step 1

From the car park, head left towards the village of Puant – which owes its name to the nauseating odors formerly released by the work of hemp which “redd”.
Carefully follow the road towards Les Gélinards. Go up towards the village by the Rue du Vieux Puits on the right. At the intersection, continue right on Rue des Gélinards.

Step 2

On leaving the village, turn right into the path. Go straight along the crops, go down and along the wood on the left. At the end, go up along the hedge. At the top of it, turn right up to the beacon then climb along the vines to reach the road facing an electricity pylon – a vast almost 360° panorama.
Follow the road on the left and immediately leave it for the one on the right as far as the next pylon – the top of the ridge opens onto Vindelle and the hills of Balzac.

Step 3

Take the path on the right, straight for 500 m before turning left to go down to the road. Go up to the right, pass the model aircraft field and turn left before the top of the hill.
Continue straight ahead until the road.

Step 4

At the crossroads, follow the Route des Sept Journaux to the left, which you leave by turning right just behind the electricity pylon. Go up towards the village of Cluzeau. When you reach the road, take the chemin des érables just above on the right and cross the village. At the top, take the Chemin des Grandes Fenêtres, initially paved, to the right - signs indicate the direction of the Tonne fountain.

Step 5

At the intersection, turn right on Chemin des Carreaux. Opposite the beautiful farm, go down the Rue des Écureuils, turn left and immediately right to discover one of the oldest houses in front of you, which dates from 1774. Turn left and notice on the right a bread oven chimney adjoining a a house dated 1859.

Step 6

Take the path to the right as indicated by the sign. You arrive at a wonderful place for a deserved cool break; be discreet to observe a beautiful green frog or a salamander. Discover a little higher the source arriving in the open air after a long underground journey, emerging from the trench dug in the rock. The high concentration of carbonates causes a solidification of porous rock which advances into the upper basin of the fountain.
Continue the path up to the orientation table.

Step 7

Turn left. At the crossroads, take the road to the left for 250m before turning right to take the white path which goes down alongside the Chantemerle estate property. Continue until the intersection with a small road.

Step 8

Cross and follow the sign opposite which indicates the path to follow immediately to the right, located between the stream and the cultivated field. At the other end, walk along the houses of the village of Puant to reach the starting point. At the end of the Route du Moulin, crossing the bridge, you can climb to the viewpoint from the hill of Puant then go down again for a refreshing stop on the banks of the Charente.