Distance: 19 km
Duration (average) : 06h
Elevation: 174 D +
Departure: Magélis cellars
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In the countryside
River or river within 300 m
In forest
In the city
Public transport stop within 500 m
Marina within 500 m
At the water's edge
Bus stop within 500 m
River or river view
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Here is a beautiful urban hike which offers exceptional panoramas on the Plateau du Vieil Angoulême and which allows you to discover remarkable preserved natural areas in Angoulême, Soyaux, L'Isle d'Espagnac and Gond Pontouvre.

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From the comic strip museum in Gond-Pontouvre

From the comic strip museum, go towards the sports grounds on the left.
Cross the island of Bourgines to the footbridge and cross the river.
Walk along the bank to the left – beautiful views of the river and the pile, remnant of the “P'tit Rouillat” railway bridge. Be careful, delicate passages along the Charente
Cross the bowling alley and continue opposite along the cemetery.

From Gond Pontouvre to Isle d'Espagnac

Continue straight until the Route de Paris which you follow to the right until the roundabout.
Avenue de la République, pass successively over two railway tracks to follow rue du 8 mai 1945 to rue de la Madeleine with the extended pond which you take to the left. Go up the stairs and continue left until the pedestrian crossing.
To cross. Continue to the roundabout, cross and follow the boulevard for 450m before turning left into a dead end. Turn left at the end then right onto rue Condorcet.
Rue de l'Épargne, go to the entrance to the Bois des Mérigots opposite. Turn left out of the woods.

From L'Isle-d'Espagnac to Soyaux

Go up Avenue de la République to the left.
Cross further to take Chemin de Lunesse as far as Rue Papin, which you take to the left for 200m.
Turn right onto Chemin de la Font Chauvin - fountain of lepers in the Middle Ages to be seen on the right. Keep to the path and go back up Avenue Jean Jaurès. Cross and climb the embankment to follow the path under the holm oaks.
Turn left at the top then further right. Continue straight until the intersection where you turn right.
Leave the path before the houses and follow them to the left, descending towards the Chemin d'Entreroches, which you follow to the left.

From Soyaux to Petit Fresquet

Leave the path and cross before the bend, pass along the houses and continue straight in the wood. Take the second alley in the woods on the right, turn left at the Bois du Lac crossroads, and continue due south to the Espace Matisse.
Rue du Général de Gaulle, cross, continue to the left and cross the barriers of a small passage 100 m to the right. Cross the Résidence du Verger to reach Avenue Pétureau – off course, 50 meters to the right see the Merovingian cemetery and retrace your steps.
Turn down rue de la Belle Aude, then right rue de la fontaine Charlemagne. Go down to the fountain, then take the path in the coomb.
Go up to the right, follow the houses on the ridge and go down to the cherry tree fountain.
Take the route de la Vreloppe to the right and in the bend go down to the left in a small path which leads to the route de Saint Marc. Follow it for 500 m to the right - off course, on the left is the Anguienne Valley interpretive trail and the viaduct.
Further down the Chemin de la Folie on the left, turn down to the right to follow the stream. Rue du Pont de Vinson, turn left and follow the Anguienne by the sports field.

From Petit Fresquet to Saint Martin

Cross the road to arrive at Petit Fresquet. Cross the footbridge over the stream and follow it. At 200 m, leave the valley to climb towards the Ma Campagne plateau on the left. Follow the hillside - beautiful panoramas of the Angoulême plateau. Rue du moulin de Grelet, turn right twice. Rue des cliffs, go down the path into the valley. Go back up rue de Montmoreau, cross it to go up the stairs on the right which leads to the square. Go right until rue Montcalme, enter the clearing 2m away.
Cross the meadow to descend into the Bois de Saint Martin, pass under the Europe route. Before the crossroads, climb the embankment to cross the orchard, skirt the stadium.

From Saint-Martin to the Comic Strip Museum

Exit the park, turn right twice, then left on chemin du Soleil-Levant. Turn left onto Chemin des Cressonnières. At the end turn right then left to pass under the railway. Go straight ahead and pass under the Route de Bordeaux. Follow a grassy path to the right, rue Bourbonnaise turn left, cross the residence. Rue de Basseau, take the path opposite that goes to the Charente, take the island of cows on the right then climb on the footbridge from where Corto Maltes scans the horizon.
See the Paper Museum and the Marquet Island interpretive trail.
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