Geocaching : Terra Aventura – La main dans l’essac

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Terra Aventura is a treasure hunt inspired by geocaching.

To play, you must download the application on your smartphone (android or apple) or bring a GPS, remembering to print the list of clues on the website beforehand. Then you will leave from a starting point referenced by GPS coordinates. Throughout the course, characters called "Poï'z" will accompany you in search of clues. These clues will allow you to complete the GPS coordinates of the location of the cache.

On the territory, you can enjoy a 5 km walk in the magnificent village of St-Simeux on the banks of the Charente river.
The Poï'z “Zéïdon” will guide you along the way!

Good luck !!

Sustainable tourism
Post your photo on the application with the eco-citizen gesture you have just made and head to the nearest tourist office to collect your 'Zécolo' poïz...


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