Distance: 10.5 km
Duration (average) : 03h
Elevation: 143 D +
Departure: Town hall car park
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It is from the top of the surrounding hills that you will discover the village of Touvre and the Sainte-Marie-Madeleine church like a sentinel at the feet of which spring the sources of the eponymous river.

Your itinerary


Step 1

Head towards the town hall overlooking the parking lot. Take Rue des Gauchons before the level crossing.
Leave it after 200m to take the Chemin des Vignes on the left.

Step 2

After the tunnel, follow the path to the right parallel to the railway line at the start, and climb for 800 m, ignoring two trailheads.

Step 3

At the top of the hill, turn right to take Chemin des Chaumes which descends to Rue des Gauchons after crossing the railway line.

Step 4

Move left. Pass the place called les Varennes. At the next intersection, take Rue des Varennes on the left which then turns right then immediately Route de Trotte-Renard on the left. Continue to the next fork.

Step 5

Leave the road to follow the Chemin des Écureuils on the right.
Turn left before the quarries.
Climb towards the hamlet of Trotte-Renard.
Leave the hamlet by the path that goes to the right.

Step 6

In the descent, go left into the wood. Follow the white path at the edge of the wood which runs alongside the quarry for about 700 m.

Step 7

In the valley, leave the white path for the beautiful path lined with maple trees on the right which goes up towards the hamlet of Peu Sec.
Go along the houses and go down towards the RD 410.

Step 8

Cross the road carefully to follow the path opposite which climbs towards the Champs.
At the exit of the locality, carefully cross the RD 23 and take the downhill path opposite.

Step 9

Turn right after the Rochejoubert stream.

Step 10

At the road, go up the Chemin du Mont Gaudier on the left which joins the GR®.

Step 11

At the crossroads, turn right, continue straight at the next crossroads, then follow the path to the right which descends towards Touvre.
Cross the D23 and continue opposite to the Pontil road.
Turn right to reach the town hall car park.