Distance: 8.5 km
Duration (average) : 02h
Departure: Espace Matisse
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Registered with the PDIPR
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In the countryside
In forest
Public transport stop within 500 m
Village center

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Starting from the Bois de Soyaux, this very natural walk leads from the cliffs of Entreroches to the Porte Saint-Martial in Antornac. On the way back, the home of Montboulard, then the old town and the church of Saint-Matthieu will be revealed in turn to the walker.

Your itinerary


Step 1

Head towards the back of the Espace Matisse and enter the woods on the left. Turn immediately right then opposite at the intersection with Rue du 11 Novembre 1918 and continue in the tranquility of the undergrowth under the chirping of birds.

Step 2

Continue to the right until the next large crossroads. Turn right onto Chemin du Bois du Lac.

Step 3

Cross the barrier, cross Rue de Bois Menu and continue opposite on the path between the houses. Further on, cross Rue de L'Isle d'Espagnac and follow the small path slightly to the left. This path descends towards the ring road which we will follow 200 m to the right.
Go under the ring road bridge and take an immediate left.

Step 4

Turn left on the road to immediately take Chemin de Recoux which goes around the hamlet. Leave it at the third bend to take the path which descends steeply into the Font Noire valley.

Step 5

Follow the road along the cliffs to the left - see the private fountain on the right beforehand. On the left are the orchard and the educational apiary. Leave the road to take the path on the right which crosses the allotments and climbs towards the woods. Leave the climbing site on the right and go straight ahead to the village of Antornac.

Step 6

Take Rue des Groies on the left at the entrance to Antornac. At the end, take Chemin du Petit Rochefort to the right, then Route de Bussac to the left. On leaving the village, just before the playground and picnic area, follow the road to the right which quickly becomes a path.

Step 7

Turn right on the pretty path bordered by low walls which runs along the fields. At the intersection, follow the downhill path to the right. Ignore the path at the bottom that goes left to go back to the village by the path opposite.

Step 8

Turn left twice to pass under the Saint-Martial gate, then left twice again. At the intersection, leave Rue de la Croix to turn right. Cross the barrier and go down - wet passage in case of heavy rain.

Step 9

At the crossroads at the bottom, go left - off course, the fountain is further on at the foot of a magnificent poplar tree in the beneficial shade of the wood.
Ignore the two paths on the right to go up on the left by the path which leads to the Montboulard house.

Step 10

Go along it to the right and arrive at the ring road which you follow for 500 m.
Cross the tunnel, turn left immediately before the houses and continue for 200 m.

Step 11

Take the path on the right. This leads to the entrance to the old village, Rue d'Antornac, which you follow to the left - see the Jardin du Vieux Bourg - Bodinaud on the right. Keep this street until you reach the very sober Saint-Matthieu church surrounded by beautiful residences - absolutely worth discovering.

Step 12

Continue along Rue de l'Eglise on the left. Turn right in front of the cross. Cross Rue du Bourg, walk along the square then the cemetery via Rue du 11 Novembre.

Step 13

Continue to the left and enter the woods by the path at the back of the Grand Chêne residence. The car park is 100m away.