Distance: 8.5 km
Duration (average) : 03h
Departure: Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny
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Discover 19 Painted Walls imagined by prestigious comic book authors. From its rocky promontory dominating the Charente and Anguienne valleys, Angoulême offers walkers remarkable views.

Your itinerary


Step 1

After admiring the obelisk erected in homage to Asterix's father René GOSCINNY on the station forecourt, cross the avenue and head towards the roundabout on the left.
Take rue Pierre Sémard to the right and turn into rue des chais to admire the first Painted Wall on the route, “Le jardin extraordinaire” by Florence CESTAC.
At the end of this street, go up rue de la Grand Font to the right as far as 15 bis to discover “New York sur Charente” by Nicolas de CRÉCY.

Step 2

Go up the adjacent rue du tunnel to reach boulevard de la République. See on the gable the wall “The 1st RIMA anchored in its city” by Fawzi Baghdadli. Go up the boulevard on the left for 150 m to reach Rue Guichard on the right.
At the top, take rue Saint Roch to the right, where you can find “Blake and Mortimer” by JUILLARD according to EPJACOBS.
At the end, turn left in front of the Post Office to the wall “Avec le temps” by François SCHUITEN.
Continue on rue Poincaré. (Off circuit: go up Boulevard de Bury on the right to see “Journey through images” by Philippe DRUILLET).

Step 3

Retrace your steps to turn right at Place de Ségou. At the end of this street-square is on the left side “Hunting the natural” by François BOUCQ. Go down boulevard Duroselle, continue on rue de Broquisse then rue Guimberteau.


Step 4

At the roundabout, go up Rue de Montmoreau to No. 258 to see “Cubitus” by DUPA.
Cross at the next roundabout to take Rue de Clérac in Sillac.
After the tunnel, take the white path on the right and reach 109 bis rue de Montmoreau where the “Boule et Bill” fresco by ROBA is located.

Step 5

At the end of the street, climb the stairs and follow rue Massicault to reach the top of the ramparts and the view of the valley and the Anguienne viaduct.
Walk along the eastern rampart to the right – view of the Obézine church below.
Turn left into rue Fanfrelin which arrives at rue Hergé which you go up to the left, spotting "Gaston et Prunelle" by FRANQUIN, passage Marengo, and on the square, the bust of Hergé, father of Tintin as well as the “Baron Noir” by GOT and PÉTILLON at the very top of a facade.
"Natacha et P'tit bout d'chique" by François WALTHÉRY is at the end of the pedestrian street.
Cross the gardens of the town hall which houses the tourist office.
Continue on Place New York to the theater which you go around to see "The backstage of the theater" by DUPUY BERBERIAN.

Step 6

Continue along rue Jean Rostand as far as the ramparts, pass in front of the Carnot statue and continue for 150m.

Step 7

Cross to reach the small rue d'Arc on the right which leads to the Angoulême museum. Go along it by the rue de l'évêché to the rue de Beaulieu which we take on the left to see Corto Maltesse at the corner of the rue du Petit Saint Cybard then "Reality, emergency exit" by Marc-Antoine MATHIEU .
Turn left into rue du Minage which leads to the square of the Saint Pierre cathedral.
Take the south rampart to the right and walk along it while admiring the view from the Angoulême balcony towards the southern entrance. At the foot of the ramparts nestles the Green Garden.

Step 8

Place Turenne, turn right into rue Bouillaud. Cross Place du Minage to take Rue Froide, then Rue du Soleil to the left and Rue Taillefer immediately to the right. Turn left on rue Saint André before the courthouse to see "Mémoires du XXème ciel" by YSLAIRE in the square.

Step 9

Continue rue Sainte Marie, rue de Genève on the left.
Cross Place du Palet to reach Rue Saint Étienne, turn right and go to the viewpoint over the Charente before reaching Boulevard Pasteur where you can find “Titeuf” by ZEP and “La fille des remparts” by Max CABANES.
Go down to the station by the rue d'Aguesseau where the "Sales kids" of BERLION and CORBEYRAN are hiding then the boulevard Gambetta sheltering "Lucky Luke, the Daltons and Jolly Jumper" of MORRIS at N ° 58 and "A Saturday in Malakoff" by Franck MARGERIN at No. 153.
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