Distance: 10 km
Duration (average) : 03h
Elevation: 78 D +
Departure: Parking lot of the village hall
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Registered with the PDIPR
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Yellow markings
Village center
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View of the vineyard
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Set off on a circuit offering beautiful views over the hilly countryside of southern Charente, with colors changing with the seasons, from ochres to white on the chalky hills in winter, and from green to gold on the crops on sunny days.

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Step 1

Head towards the Saint-Cybard church - one of the most remarkable Romanesque churches in Angoumois – Before reaching it, go down the path on the right which leads to the D437 which you take to the right.
At the washhouse, turn left and follow the grassy path that goes up. You are here on the secondary road from Tours to Santiago de Compostela which crosses the Charente from North to South. Take the D107 at the end on the right. At the crossroads, follow the small Rouffiac road to the left for 1,3 km which, beyond the plots of vines, offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding hills and cereal crops.

Step 2

Turn right behind the washhouse, before the village of Cluzeau, heading south. The path climbs along a wood. Leave this path which continues towards the highest point of the town, descending to the right into the Écly valley. Turn right after the water reservoirs and continue down the valley to Chez Guignée. Go down to the left in the village and cross the road. Take the path opposite which descends into a small green valley.

Step 3

Further in front of the wood, turn right and follow it towards Lagonville. There, take the road to the left and immediately turn left between two plots of vines. At the end turn right and continue straight towards the top of the hill. Go back down to the pond. There, leave the path that goes up to turn right and follow the valley towards Chez Normandin.

Step 4

Turn right after the grove. On the left, 2 of the many structures allowing the LGV Paris Bordeaux to cross the valleys.
At the end of the path, follow the road to the left, then to the left again until the crossroads where you turn right to follow the road for 100m.

Step 5

Go up the path on the left which will run alongside the Motte à Viaud. The bell tower of the Plassac church appears then disappears along the chalk hills. At the top, the wide panorama opens to the east over the Château de La Mercerie and the borders of Périgord.
Rejoin the road that you cross to follow the grassy path opposite for 150 m before taking the path on the right that goes up the embankment. Go along the vineyard and return to the church.