Distance: 17 km
Duration (average) : 04h
Elevation: 83 D +
Departure: Town Hall
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Your walk in the heart of the Jauldoise nature will make you discover authentic elements of the small heritage in a peaceful and colorful environment.

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Step 1

From the Town Hall car park, take the direction of Coulgens then turn right towards the church. Under the trees in front of the church, a desk tells the story of this building placed under the protection of Saint Martin as well as the anecdote which opposed the inhabitants of Jauldes and their neighbors Briauds...After the war memorial, turn left, then right and immediately left. Follow the path along the cemetery, pass in front of the stele of March 19, 1962 then cross the RD 45. Then take the first path on the left then the first path on the right – old Roman road which crosses the town from north to south. Keep going straight. This sector has many valleys. By the way, do you know what a combe is? A coomb is a small valley. At the big oak tree, turn right. Just before entering the village of l'Aiguille, take the white path on the left.

Step 2

Take the old Roman road from Saintes to Limoges for 1,5 km then turn left. At the road, follow the path opposite.
Continue straight, then take the 1st path on the right. In the village of Treillis, continue straight, cross the road then at the end of the lane turn right to the wash house which invites you to stop.

Step 3

Continue then follow the direction of the "stele of the Americans". At the intersection of the communes of Jauldes, Coulgens and Aussac-Vadalle, we are immersed in this tragic event which marked the history of the commune during the 2nd World War, the explosion in flight of a bomber plane on June 19, 1944 After the monument, turn left. At the end of the path, turn right then immediately left. Then turn left to join the RD 88 and cross it. Follow the small path to the left.

Step 4

Continue straight for 2,5 km to the tarmac road, turn left then immediately right. At the road, turn left then right to cross the village of l'Âge, which in the Middle Ages was the seat of a priory dependent on the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Cybard d'Angoulême. On leaving the village, turn left then follow the path to the Age washhouse.
Going up the path on the left, you cross the woods of Fayolle where you can undoubtedly come across a hare or any other game in the shade of the holm oak.

Step 5

You can see through the branches the ruins of the castle of Fayolle (square tower) dating from the 151th century, located on the highest point of the town (XNUMX m). The castle was famous for the sumptuous decoration of its apartments and in particular its golden room.
On leaving Fayolle wood, take the rural road on the right which leads to the town of Jauldes.