Distance: 12 km
Duration (average) : 03h
Elevation: 54 D +
Departure: School car park
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In the countryside
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On the limestone plateau, you will be immersed in the heart of the Cognac vineyard, then, by the towpath, you will peacefully go up the course of the Charente to reach the Notre-Dame church in the village of Trois-Palis and its famous chocolate factory. .

Your itinerary


Step 1

Take the path along the playground and progress through beautiful undergrowth for 600 m.
Leave it to follow the white path that goes up to the left.

Step 2

Cross Rue de Chantoiseau to take Impasse des Lavoirs opposite. Walk along the wall on the left and go down towards the wash house. Continue Route de la Fontaine and go up towards the village of Villars. Cross Rue du Puy de Villars to follow Rue des Genevrais opposite.

Step 3

Cross the RD 41 and take Chemin du Logis de Villars opposite, which you go around to the left. At the intersection, follow the surrounding wall of the house to the right, continue as far as the RD 53. Cross carefully, and take the path on the shoulder to the left for 120 m.

Step 4

Turn right on a path parallel to the road. Cross again and continue opposite, always straight on at the top of the ridge for 2 km through the vines.

Step 5

Turn left, Chemin de Font Verrière. At the end, follow the Route des Carrières to the left to the village of Chez Decoux.

Step 6

Take the second passage on the left, the Venelle du Vieux Puits, pass in front of this well and continue to the left at the exit of the village. Continue to the right via the Chemin des Puits - these are the ventilation shafts of the mushroom farms. Walk along the vines.

Step 7

Turn right at the corner of the wood and walk up to a road. Take the Route de Chante Alouette opposite.

Step 8

At the crossroads, turn left into the white path that climbs towards Cheville: note the stones that enclose the first house in the village. Turn left at the Stop sign and immediately right Rue des Groizilliers.

Step 9

At the bend in Rue du Point de Vue, turn left into Chemin des Vignes, first gravelled, then grassy. Go down to the crossroads.

Step 10

Turn right. Follow Route de l'Ageasson to the right as far as the gas station. Turn left to descend towards the Charente.

Step 11

Follow the towpath to the left as far as the Pont de la Meure.
Continue to follow the Charente after the bridge and the rest area, further on, take the path on the left which leads to Trois-Palis via Rue de la Motte and Rue du Bourg. See in passing the Notre-Dame church then the Letuffe chocolate shop. Return to the starting point by continuing straight ahead.