Distance: 9 km
Duration (average) : 02h
Elevation: 87 D +
Departure: Bathing car park
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Registered with the PDIPR
Yellow markings

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Why we love

Majestic trees and wild flowers here welcome a fauna that only your discretion will allow you to discover. Take advantage of sunny days to peacefully follow the banks of the Charente and cross the ford of the Méronne!

Your itinerary


Step 1

From the car park, cross the road to reach the bathing area. Cross the wooden bridge at the bottom and head to the left to find the Charente which you will follow for 1 km - beautiful willows and poplars border the river. Admire the cascade of the mill spillway located on the other bank, in the village of La Chapelle in the commune of Balzac.

Step 2

Leave the bank to take the path on the right. Turn left at the end. Cross the Méronne using the stones of the ford. At the next intersection, follow the stream to the left until its confluence with the Charente. Continue for 800 m – see the Saint-Martin church and the Balzac castle a little further on on the other bank.

Step 3

Cross the footbridge and follow the path that will lead to the RD 37. Cross it and climb towards the village of Cluzeau – in the XNUMXth century, there was the “château de Esculiau en Angoumois” in place of the farm located in the bend. It is represented on a print visible in the museum of Cognac.

Step 4

Turn right at the top – see the beautiful 18th century porch. Take the Chemin des érables on the left in the bend, come out on the road and leave it a little further down for the path on the right.

Step 5

At the pylon, follow the road to the left. Turn right at the intersection to join the path on the left. Go up to the next small road, which you go down to the right - vast panorama of the valley.

Step 6

Turn left at the crossroads to take the path immediately to the right. Then carefully follow the RD 37 which goes to Vindelle for 600 m before leaving it for the white path on the right.

Step 7

Turn left after the grove to arrive at La Méronne. Cross it again by fording then redo the outward path to reach the banks of the Charente and the starting point.