Distance: 10 km
Elevation: 210 D +

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Starting from the Halles, taking steep passages and stairs, this circuit goes up and down, going from the ramparts on the banks of the Charente to go up towards Old Angoulême via the Jardin Vert, towards the station footbridge and Port l'Houmeau

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The nuggets of the course:
Les Halles
The Charente river
The Hugo Pratt footbridge and the Corto Maltese statue
The Vaisseau Moebius
Musée de la bande dessinée
The Alsatian house
The jardin vert
Cathédrale Saint Pierre and Musée d'Angoulême
The Carnot statue
The Obézines chapel
The field of Mars
The train station
Port l'houmeau
The tribunal
Saint André Church
City Hall