Distance: 40 km
Departure: Quai de la Charente
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Take the time to discover the Pays d'Angoulême at the pace of La Flow Vélo®

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The Coulée d'Oc

The Flow bike arrives from the Dordogne by the Coulée d'Oc in the village of Brouterie, in the town of Mornac. It then joins Touvre by the small Bois Blanc road, which crosses the national forest of the same name and offers the visitor a first shaded stop.

The sources of the Touvre / secondary service area

In Touvre, a stop is essential to discover the sources of the Touvre, second resurgence of France by its flow. An educational trail allows you to discover the four resurgences: the Dormant, the Bouillant, the Font Lussac and the Lèche.
You can fish for trout at the fish farm, otherwise, shops allow you to refuel in the village.

Marcel Pagnol room / single stopover

The route joins Magnac-sur-Touvre by the left bank of the river which can be found punctually at the discretion of the washhouses. You have to take the time to descend into the village to see the Romanesque church of Saint-Cybard, before reaching the next stop, which is magnificently located on the banks of the river.

Ruelle-sur-Touvre / secondary service area

Famous since the Marquis de Montalembert set up his cannon forge there in the XNUMXth century for the Royal Navy, the site is now occupied by Naval Group, the European leader in naval defence.
Geocaching "Tèrra Aventura" allows you to discover the rich history of the city in a very playful way.

The Islands of Foulpougne / single stopover

The Flow bike leaves Ruelle-sur-Touvre by a beautiful cycle path to head towards the Islands of Foulpougne in Gond-Pontouvre, a last opportunity to land on the edge of the Touvre in an idyllic setting.
Indeed, the Flow bike then heads towards the Charente which it will follow to Sireuil.
Idea off course, make a detour by swimming in the body of water located two laps from the river!

Île de Bourgines / main service area being installed

Angoulême and the world of comics!
The comic strip museum, the Painted Walls route, but also the cathedral and its Treasury are all marvels to discover here.

Fleurac Islands / single stopover

The "most beautiful stream in the kingdom" of François Ier flows slowly towards the ocean, revealing to everyone its locks, its fauna, its flora and the heritage of the villages between guinguettes and nautical activities.
You should take the time for a little getaway to the villages to discover the rich architectural ensemble of Fléac and then the Saint-Pierre church in Linars.

Pont de la Meure / single stopover

In Trois-Palis, the beautiful Notre Dame church invites visitors to dismount. Why not take the opportunity to taste the specialties of the Letuffe chocolate factory, a real institution located right here in the heart of the village?

Nautical rest area / main service area

The Flow bike arrives in Sireuil, the final stage in the Pays d'Angoulême. Here, you can have a tasting at the Moisans distillery, or make a welcome stop at the nautical stop...before tackling the next stage!

Have a good trip on the Flow bike and see you soon in Pays d'Angoulême!