Abbaye de Saint Amant de Boixe

Welcome to the Abbey of Saint Amant de Boixe!
Download the “Builders in North Charente” application or scan the QR code and play with Guillaume!

The old abbey was founded by the hermit Lover in the 988th century in the forest of La Boixe. However, the first historical mention of this establishment dates back to XNUMX. It was not until the generous donations of Guillaume IV Taillefer, Count of Angoulême, that the current abbey developed: the monastic buildings date from this period.

As for the church, it was rebuilt in the first quarter of the XNUMXth century, starting with the apse, the transept and the last bay of the nave. The finest example of this phase is undoubtedly the facade of the north arm of the transept, made by the same workshop of sculptors as that of Angoulême Cathedral. In a set of blind arcades one would find there the various degrees of the clericature (the minor orders: sub-deacons, acolytes, psalmists, exorcists, readers... and the major orders: deacons, priests, and bishops).

Some time later, we finished rebuilding the nave to replace that of the 15th century. The work ended with an elegant facade. Traces of polychromy in the lower left arcade indicate that it was painted, highlighting the sculpted decorations, most often geometric. The new completed abbey church was dedicated on November 1170, 54 by the Archbishop of Bordeaux, a large number of bishops and abbots, as well as the Count of Angoulême and the main lords of the region. It is an imposing building (more than 22m tall, XNUMXm high for the dome) where around fifty Benedictine monks and parishioners met (each in their respective part of the church).

The convent buildings house the Romanesque Architecture Space: numerous fun and interactive modules invite the visitor to discover this unique architecture and the men who contributed to its development. Contact the Espace d’architecture romane for opening hours.

Family game: “Anne Mésia”
The inhabitants of the site are in the grip of a spell. To free themselves, they must remember the people they were. Anne Mésia, the famous magician specializing in amnesia, is here to help you in this matter!
Your mission, to ward off fate, using your smartphone: explore the site in search of the characters, historical facts and places that have marked his life. You will need to use intuition and observation in order to solve the puzzles that will arise in your path!

To play, simply download the free application "Anne Mésia's investigations"


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