Passionate about history and heritage, find in this section all our Angoumois "Secrets of History"...

Les Halles centrales

The central market

A masterpiece of late XNUMXth century metal architecture inspired by the Pavillons Baltard. Les Halles overlooks the northern ramparts of the "old town" and occupies a balcony site which offers a very extensive view of the Charente valley, in particular the Houmeau district, a former lively shopping district down to […]

Les murs peints

The painted walls

Frescoes in the colors of comic strips are displayed on the walls of the capital of the 9th art, but also works by various street art artists... A wandering decodes behind the scenes of their history and their techniques... The city of Angoulême has initiated an extensive program of comic strip murals. With more than one […]

les Chais Magelis

the Magelis cellars

First brandy cellars in 1857, The 11 bodies of buildings whose gables form a sequenced facade, were transformed in 1910 into a felt factory for stationery. Today, “Les Chais Magelis”, located on the banks of the Charente, in the heart of the image district, have undergone careful rehabilitation. These old cellars, dating from the XNUMXth […]

Passionnés d’aventures et de trésors cachés

Passionate about adventures and hidden treasures

Tèrra Aventura, THE life-size game that makes your children walk without them even realizing it and allows you to discover with them the nuggets of the territory! It is a treasure hunt that is practiced outdoors via a mobile application. The opportunity to make your children aware of nature, to discover the […]

La balade des Remparts

The Ramparts walk

The city was protected by ramparts from the Lower Roman Empire which were rebuilt and enlarged in the Middle Ages. The walk along the ramparts of Angoulême offers magnificent views of the surrounding landscapes and the valleys of the Charente and that of Anguienne. Perched on a plateau of about 80 meters, offering […]

La Cathédrale romane Saint-Pierre

The Romanesque Cathedral of Saint-Pierre

Angoulême has the distinction of having a Romanesque cathedral and not a Gothic one like so many other towns in France. Historic monument since 1840 The exceptional quality of its architecture and its sculpted program make this XNUMXth century Romanesque building an essential destination for lovers of medieval art. Its restoration – begun […]

Le Musée d’Angoulême

The Angoulême Museum

Installed at the apse of the cathedral, in the former bishopric, the Angoulême Museum revolves around three collections developed over its history. Two of them, of international importance, the collection of the arts of Africa and Oceania and the collection of Archeology, make it possible to evoke respectively the diversity of cultures throughout the world and the original times, from dinosaurs to medieval times. The collection […]

Aux sources du papier

To the sources of paper

The Pays d'Angoulême was marked, for nearly 300 years, by the development of the paper industry. The rise in the 16th century The first mill attested in Charente is that of Negremus on the Lizonne, in 1516. Many wheat mills are adapted for the manufacture of paper and new mills are built specially […]

La famille férue de patrimoine

The heritage-loving family

A soul of paleontologist or builder of the Middle Ages? Are you passionate about Taillefer, Lusignan and Valois? We offer you a Top 10 of activities and sites that will fascinate young and old…. Prehistory Dinosaurs in augmented reality at the Angoulême Museum The Angeac-Charente site is particularly known for the […]

Spécial scolaire : Des dinos à la préhisto!

School special: Prehisto-style dinos!

Back to the time of the dinosaurs for school children Your program Dinos in augmented reality 10:30 am – 12:XNUMX pm In four main chronological stages, discover the richness of the geology of the Charente, the natural environment and the evolution of cultures. The universe of Charente caves enters the scene. The cavities served as dens for the large carnivores of the […]