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International capital of comic strips, designated a UNESCO creative city, Angoulême has an international reputation. THE Festival International de la BD (FIBD), the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image (CIBDI) and the journey of painted walls have become emblems of the city.

Once upon a time there were three friends… and they created a comic book festival in Angoulême

Today, the Festival is one of the most important comic book events worldwide. Every year the city welcomes nearly 6000 professionals and 200 000 visitors from all over the world! It takes place every year on the last weekend of January and combines exhibitions, debates, meetings and signing sessions.

Next edition from January 29 to February 2, 2025

The Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’image is a ship, a footbridge, cellars...

The Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’image brings together a Musée de la Bande Dessinée labeled museum of France; the only one in France to date! It also brings together a Bookcases public, a authors house, and an bookstore specialized. And a Documentation center and art house cinema.

City : this ensemble is spread over three sites: the House of Authors, on the city ramparts; the Vaisseau Mœbius below on the banks of the Charente; and the Musée de la Bande Dessinée, in the cellars located on the other bank and connected to the Vaisseau Mœbius by a footbridge which spans the river.

International : just like the festival which hosts Angoulême every end of January, the Cité has become the French reference in terms of comics. It welcomes authors, researchers and amateurs from all over the world and exports knowledge and know-how.

Cartoon and picture: more than ever, faced with the evolution of practices and the convergence of disciplines, comics in Angoulême go hand in hand with animated cinema, video games, interactive media... These dimensions are considerably developed within the establishment.

cultural : the Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image constitutes the cultural aspect of the system deployed in Charente for the conservation, dissemination, study, promotion and support for creation in terms of comics and picture. The economic component is ensured by Magelis, mixed union of the image division.

The 9th art is on display in Angoulême!

The good plan to visit with the family: the circuit of painted walls created by “Cité Créations” and SL Moon Art and Decoration. Go from the office Goscinny au Cosmos d’Uderzo, from the romanticism of “ Mémoire du XXe Ciel » to the futuristic universe of Voyage au travers des images. Also cross on your way Natacha, Lucien, Gaston, Kirikou, Daltons, Titeuf and many others.

You are passionate about adventures and hidden treasures…

Nothing better than following the adventures of our poïz Zegraff. He is the worthy representative of Street Art. To discover by downloading the free app Terra Aventura (available on Google Play et App Store).

You prefer detailed explanations from an expert…

Our tour guides will take you with them and for nearly 1h30, you will get lots of historical information and anecdotes about the different painted walls (guided tour “La BD dans la ville”)

You are curious… the Fichtre Diantre boutique

The Fichtre Diantre store welcomes image talents by presenting their creations: screen prints, risographs, digital prints and cool objects, all from Angoulême! Their images live all year round. This is why behind the scenes, Fichtre is also an artist agent, with a great team ready to carry out the craziest projects.