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The town hall of Angoulême is a public building built from 1858 to 1869 in the heart of the upper town of Angoulême.

Designed by the architect Paul Abadie in a fairly eclectic style largely inspired by medieval aesthetics and punctuated by a few references to the Renaissance or Classicism, it stands on the site of the former count's castle, which it only the Lusignan keep (XNUMXth century) and the Valois tower (XNUMXth century) remain. The belfry, which overlooks the whole and accentuates its monumental character, is largely later than these two constructions (XNUMXth century).

The town hall is surrounded by café and restaurant terraces as well as flowerbeds inspired by French gardens. Nearby, New York Square connects the town hall and the Desaix rampart promenade, a little further to the west.