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Frescoes in the colors of comics are displayed on the walls of the capital of 9rd art but also works by different Street art artists… A wandering decodes behind the scenes of their history and their techniques…

The city of Angoulême has initiated a vast program of comic book murals. With more than thirty perennial painted walls, made in the city center or in the suburban districts, the city has acquired a recognized and unique tourist route.

Their realization was entrusted to CityCreation and his team of muralists, world specialists in architectural trompe-l'œil. Their artistic approach is in total adequacy with the urban reflection in direct contact with the public space and its inhabitants. The painted walls sublimate the city and demonstrate that the world of comics dialogues harmoniously with the architecture and heritage of Angoulême.

The murals are signed by big names in comics, all Grand Prix of the Angoulême Comics Festival.

Signed by the Grand Prix du Festival

This route is completed by the nocturnal illumination of certain frescoes, the obelisk tribute to René Goscinny on the forecourt of the station, colorful street furniture, street furniture in the colors of comics….