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Installed at the apse of the cathedral, in the former bishopric, the Angoulême Museum revolves around three collections developed over its history.

Two of them, of international importance, the collection of the arts of Africa and Oceania and the collection of Archeology, make it possible to evoke respectively the diversity of cultures throughout the world and the original times, from dinosaurs to medieval times. The collection of Western arts presents a set of painted or sculpted works, as well as a selection of ceramics ranging from the XNUMXe the XXe century.



Discover the richness of the geology of the Charente, the natural environment and the evolution of prehistoric cultures, the material and cultural practices born of sedentarization, as well as testimonies of aristocratic and religious life in the Middle Ages.

Extra-European arts

The Angoulême Museum has one of the most interesting French collections of African and Oceanic art in terms of the number and quality of the pieces preserved.

western art

Surprise and create original encounters between works from different eras or artistic currents.