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Back to the time of the dinosaurs for schoolchildren

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Augmented reality dinos

10h30 - 12h

In four main chronological stages discover the wealth of the geology of the Charente, the natural environment and the evolution of cultures. The universe of Charente caves enters the scene. The cavities served as lairs for the large carnivores of the Quaternary and the natural wells have trapped many herbivores at all times, revealing an astonishing bestiary to us. Archeology is one of the region's strongest identity elements. 



Rock of Sers

15h - 16h30

At the bend of a small path, on the road to Sers towards Rougnac, take a leap of twenty thousand years in time to discover the work of artists of the Solutrean hunter-gatherers. Doctor Léon Henri-Martin probes and explores the site, but it was in 1919 that he excavated the slopes, bringing to light nearly 2000 flint tools, 150 animal objects and three skeletons dating from the Bronze Age.

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